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On Error

August 4, 2013


 Years ago, I picked up James Moffett’s Teaching the Universe of Discourse (1968), and it changed the way I taught writing–and, well, pretty much everything. Here, in a favorite passage of mine, Moffett discusses the importance of trial-and-error learning. Now, trial and error sounds to many people like a haphazard, time-consuming business, a random behavior […]

Structural Curriculum: On Context and “Conceptual Options”

July 8, 2012


Like many teachers, I’m spending a good part of summer rethinking my class–how I’ve organized it, how I announce and reinforce my emphases, all that stuff. I’ve been reading a lot. Taking notes. Inventing fake course outlines, and trying to imagine the bigger picture of my class. In short, I’m trying to find a way […]