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Finding your mono channels in FCPX

September 19, 2012


Imagine you’re shooting an interview on a camera with two XLR inputs, and you have each assigned to a separate mic. It’s a common scenario: one mic for natural sound, another for something else, generally a lavaliere mic. FCP will often interpret the video in these situations as having stereo audio, but that’s wrong; rather […]

Part 2: Thinking of Adding Adobe Premiere Pro to your Students’ Toolbox?

September 2, 2012


In my previous post on this subject, I described the benefits and costs of upgrading from a “legacy version” of Final Cut Pro to FCPX. Here I’ll describe my experiences adding Adobe Premiere Pro into my classroom workflow–it’s immediate benefits and more persistent challenges, how students responded, and its current place in our work. For […]

Moving to FCPX from Legacy Versions: Costs and Benefits

August 25, 2012


Back to school, and already I’ve received a number of emails from teachers who want to know about editing platforms: what should they use in their classes? Is it worth it to upgrade to the latest version of this or that? What about iMovie and Windows Movie Maker? Are those legit? Will program X work […]