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On Seeing and Thinking

April 20, 2013


What does it mean to see? To think? To what extent can we talk about seeing as a variety of thinking?* And, from that, if our schools aim to help students develop and improve their thinking about the world (is this how we define intelligence?), shouldn’t our schools aim to help students improve all kinds […]

The Limits of Thought

April 11, 2013


Like all teachers, I busy myself with the questions specific to my discipline. In my case, these are questions like “Should my students have a regular broadcast show, or should they move their work exclusively online?” or “What are the limits of ‘news’ or ‘journalism’ as a cognitive frame for approaching and discussing the world […]

Education for What Is Real #2: The Book’s Argument

December 25, 2012


I’m a first paragraph guy. After that, I’m willing to forgive a lot of flaws, but for me that first paragraph is like the feel of a handshake or a first kiss: it is pure revelation–of character and sensibility and intent. Not that it needs to be perfect, or even start-to-finish good, but it needs […]

Technology Matters

September 9, 2012


My colleagues and I have an ongoing debate–or maybe “discussion” is a better word–about whether or not the technology matters for our broadcast and video students. That’s the phrase that comes up: the technology doesn’t matter. What matters, according to this position, goes by many names: Story, Storytelling, The Big Ideas, The Fundamentals, The Basics. […]