A few interesting notes about doodling.

July 29, 2013


#doodling! While doing some research for something completely unrelated to doodling or drawing, I somehow came across an article called “Doodling and the default network of the brain,” (2011) by G.D. Schott, You should visit the article itself because it also includes a page from Dostoyevsky’s manuscript of The Devils. In this article, Schott describes […]

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This Is Just a Great Introduction

July 9, 2013


From “Aquarius in Question” by William Firebrace from Cabinet issue 48 (I’m a little behind): The history of descending into the depths of the ocean is filled with dubious facts, half-truths, and impossible claims. How can one really tell that someone has traveled into the high-pressued darkness of the cold ocean, where no trace is […]

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We’re Switching to Premiere Pro (and I’m happy about it)

April 22, 2013


It’s official: my school district is not going to support BOTH Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Suite. At first glance, I’m sure that looks terribly extravagant: a district that supports both? Yes, it’s true, but remember that until very recently, Adobe’s video tools weren’t a viable professional alternative to the Final Cut Suite. […]

On Seeing and Thinking

April 20, 2013


What does it mean to see? To think? To what extent can we talk about seeing as a variety of thinking?* And, from that, if our schools aim to help students develop and improve their thinking about the world (is this how we define intelligence?), shouldn’t our schools aim to help students improve all kinds […]

The Limits of Thought

April 11, 2013


Like all teachers, I busy myself with the questions specific to my discipline. In my case, these are questions like “Should my students have a regular broadcast show, or should they move their work exclusively online?” or “What are the limits of ‘news’ or ‘journalism’ as a cognitive frame for approaching and discussing the world […]

Some Common Assumptions of Education

December 30, 2012


photo by Night Owl City CC-By-NC

Post #3 on Earl C. Kelley’s Education for What is Real. I’ve returned to this list of Kelley’s assumptions several times every year of my teaching career, just to check in, to see if I’ve changed my mind about these ideas, and to continually challenge myself to remain thoughtful. (For the record, it’s not the […]

Resolved: I Will Promote Free Culture

December 29, 2012


New Year’s resolution time: In 2013 I’m going to change my approach to the way I teach students about copyright, fair use, and cultural works in general. It’s going to be a subtle shift: from a “let’s examine the prohibitions” mindset to a “let’s examine your freedoms” mindset. Like most teachers, I’ve been pretty good […]

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