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Moving Out!

August 9, 2014


I’m outta here! You can now find me at After a couple of years at this site, I’m moving into another web space that might be a better fit for my interests. As both a teacher and a learner, my interests and focus have been steadily expanding and unfolding, so that “video teacher” does […]

The Incoherence of the School Dance

April 13, 2014


It’s prom season again. Hooray, right? I realize that prom is a near-sacred event in many high schools (including the one where I teach), but I’d like to suggest that we all rethink the whole thing. Not because it’s expensive or risky, but because it’s nonsensical, and schools should be nonsense averse. There are many […]

A few interesting notes about doodling.

July 29, 2013


#doodling! While doing some research for something completely unrelated to doodling or drawing, I somehow came across an article called “Doodling and the default network of the brain,” (2011) by G.D. Schott, You should visit the article itself because it also includes a page from Dostoyevsky’s manuscript of The Devils. In this article, Schott describes […]

This Is Just a Great Introduction

July 9, 2013


From “Aquarius in Question” by William Firebrace from Cabinet issue 48 (I’m a little behind): The history of descending into the depths of the ocean is filled with dubious facts, half-truths, and impossible claims. How can one really tell that someone has traveled into the high-pressued darkness of the cold ocean, where no trace is […]

Education for What is Real #1 (the book itself)

December 16, 2012


Ten-ish years ago, and after an extensive search, I bought a copy of Education for What is Real by Earl C. Kelley. I can’t remember the precise circumstances that prompted me to look for it, but I’m almost certain it’s mentioned in John Dewey’s Experience and Education. Originally published in 1947, and featuring a brief […]