This is not a blog designed for a vast outflow of information or opinion. Instead, this will be a place for me to make public my positions about teaching and classroom practice in an effort to build greater transparency into my work.

About my teaching assignment: I currently teach Broadcast Technology  in the metro Kansas City area, but I was trained as an English teacher and developed most of my positions about teaching from my experiences in the English classroom. Consequently, I approach “broadcast” or “video” or whatever we’re calling it these days as an opportunity for students to systematically evaluate a communication medium. I’m less interested in equating “broadcast” with television or TV news in particular than in considering storytelling and communication forms and formats that are emerging through Internet technology.

While the content here reflects my classroom practice, the views and opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect the views of my school, school district, students, family, pets, or anyone else. I’m not a “regular” blogger: I will post when I have something to post, and not simply to drive traffic. Thanks for coming.

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